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  • Lee Ould

Hip Hip Hooray for the Delay of UKCA

The requirements for the UKCA marking for products placed on the market in the United Kingdom (UK) which includes England, Scotland and Wales, has been delayed a year, from 1/1/2022, to 1/1/2023. The CE Mark will continue to suffice in that additional time that was granted to allow business more time to adjust; and the use of the UKCA is acceptable but not required until that date. While there appears to be an effort to continue to standardize with the technical requirements in the European Norms (EN) that are used on the continent, there is an impact for manufacturers out there. Particularly, there has to be a Declaration drawn up that is similar to the traditional CE Mark Declaration, but summarizes compliance instead to the UK Regulations. There should also be an "on soil" presence in the UK that takes responsibility essentially for the products placed on the mark, in addition to the entity serving that role in the European Union proper.

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