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Select from the links below to see just a few of the resources available to you as an SEL client. We stay up on top of the latest requirements and issues so you don't have to!

Most product safety consultants try to dole their knowledge out piecemeal, holding their cards close to their chest, thinking you will no longer need them if you understand what is required. SEL approaches this differently, where training is always an integral part of our process, so that future efforts become easier for all involved and our clients become better acquainted with the compliance process.

Our Handouts contain a wealth of information in concise documents that we provide to clients about common topics that come up in our space. From learning why safety approvals are required in the first place; to label and manual requirements; to understanding creepage and clearances; to understanding the requirements of on-going factory inspections. The handouts are a great starting place, and a good refresher after meetings about the same topics, and we often use them as a starting point to tailor information on them for your particular application.

SEL uses the popular web-based collaboration tool Basecamp for our projects, to capture our feeback on your product in a list format, called To-Do's. 

Another good page to view is our Submittal Process. This walks you through the submittal process and lets you know what to expect along the way, including information on:

  • Budgeting

  • Reviewing the Product for Compliance in the Design Phase

  • Preparing the Agency Reports and Collecting Component Information

  • Opening the Project with the Test Agency

  • Testing Options

  • Submitting the Final Package to Agency

  • Completing the Final Engineering Review, and Issuing Final Report

  • Supporting On-Going Factory Inspections

SEL has compiled a list of what we think are useful links for clients who might want to dig a bit deeper on some issues, on their own.

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