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CE Testing and Technical Construction Files

SEL can inject its expertise in the evaluation of your products that are intended for Europe. Sometimes certifications from Notified Bodies are in fact required, such as for ATEX evaluations for explosive atmospheres or medical devices of a certain "invasiveness", which SEL can help to secure. Or SEL can prepare the Technical Construction File (TCF) in most cases, to support compliance with the relevant Directives and the particular European Norms (EN standards).

In other words, SEL can be the judge by putting its name on the test report provided to clients, while its role alternatively in many cases is as a lawyer, with the safety agencies as the judge.

Often, we conduct the evaluation with the NRTL in the US with all of the associated testing, evaluation, and test reporting, and then use much of that as the basis for the TCF, where we do not have to start from scratch. When US/UL standards are used for NRTL Listing that are based on the harmonized IEC versions, sometimes the additional work for the TCF can be only a few hours.

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