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EMC Support and Testing

In the early 2000s, customers would consistently approach SEL about developing support for the EMC process, much like we had honed for the product safety field over our history. We would hear of frustration from our clients about how they would get to the end of their time in the chamber and have only problems and failures, and not any solutions. It sounded a bit like the frustration we had heard from companies working directly with NRTLs, in fact.

So SEL started supporting the EMC side of the projects by involving people that had success in this area, and partnering with EMC labs in the Bay Area, for the test facilities. This has become a significant part of our business over the years -- which speaks to its success. We work with clients to prepare their products for the rigors of emissions and immunity testing, by reviewing how the product should be set up to operate and what supporting equipment should be provided. We can support troubleshooting and prescans to help ensure success for the ultimate certification testing, which we can also support. Our approach is to have capable engineers onsite during the testing at our partners' facilities to help fix issues and bring the testing to a successful conclusion.

SEL can conduct some troubleshooting at its facility as well, for ESD and spectrum analyzers for some near-field measurements, for example. Importantly, our engineers have their "bag of tricks" to reach into, to help solve problems that we have seen our clients struggle with immensely, without such help.

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