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Product Safety and EMC Compliance

Safety Engineering Laboratory (SEL) guides you though the product safety and EMC approval processes every step of the way, and offers product design reviews early on in the development cycle to help reduce approval times, lower your overall approval costs, and minimize the frustration.

Our Services

At SEL, we can help you with...

Our Services

Design Consulting

Identify issues early in the design cycle to minimize hassles and redesign during the test and submittal process, when the products need to ship.

Medical Device Evaluations

Support for risk assessments, risk management files and practical solutions to comply with IEC60601-1

Product Safety Testing

Test your product in our lab which is certified by UL and TUV, or for large, complex or scarce units, at your facility. Have more control with testing outside of the agencies' walls!

EMC Support

Support the proper implementation of wireless technologies and walk you through the process for FCC and CE Mark compliance, handling the whole effort, or advising when needed, when problems arise.

CE Mark Technical Construction File Prep

Act to prepare the test report, run the tests, and certify compliance with EN standards, for you or with you.

Laser Safety Compliance and Testing

Consult, test, and file necessary reports with the CDRH/FDA, with close familiarity with IEC/EN 60825-1 and IEC/EN60601-2-22

Mission Statement...

“To support our clients in producing safe, compliant products while meeting needed shipment dates, and the training needs for their personnel.”

Lee Ould
President of SEL

Ready to find out more?

If you are new to SEL, we will spend an hour with you without a commitment to use our services, to show that we are really the best in the business! We welcome the comparisons to our competition.

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