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  • Lee Ould

The (Rather Painful) Transition to IEC/EN/UL62368-1

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Starting on December 20, 2020, manufacturers must ship products to the European Union that comply with EN62368-1, rather than the long-standing EN60950-1 which has been the standard for ITE for a couple of decades.

Many of the original terms and concepts that we have become so familiar with, such as SELV and reinforced insulation, have been changed; and additional tests and considerations have been added.

In many ways, the standard ends up requiring many of the same things that originally were needed under EN60950-1, but it takes a while to get around to that point. While we do understand that pushing EN60950-1 for ITE and EN60065 for Audio/Video Equipment together was probably a good move long term, we do wonder what types of new technologies and products there are that we can now evaluate that were not possible before, with the earlier standards. The standard is gradually propagating around the world as different countries adopt IEC62368-1 in some form for their national use, and either allow for it to be used, and sometimes require it. With such a short useful life so far, only 8 years, there is already work on a 4th edition of the standard, and such revision upon revision is a sign of a problematic standard that needed improvement, and still does!

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